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CBD For Pets?

Cannabidiol or CBD for pets may seem like a wild idea. But, anecdotal evidence from pet owners suggests that CBD can manage pain, anxiety, and seizures in pets. Because of the relaxing elements present in CBD derived from hemp, it can work on pets just as well as humans.

CBD is derived from hemp. The compound is commonly used in humans because of its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Since it is a natural extract, it can be effective in the same way in animals. The only precaution you should take is to make sure the CBD your pet receives does not contain anything harmful to them! With so many CBD products available these days, pet owners should do proper research before purchasing and administering CBD to Pets!

How Can CBD For Pets Be Helpful?

CBD for pets can have the same effect on human beings. CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects work along with calming nerves. These effects can relieve chronic pain and anxiety symptoms and help as a supplemental treatment for seizures.

CBD triggers the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS maintains balance within the body, and it works in animal bodies as well. Because of the use of CBD, the ECS can work more effectively and regulate nerve functions. Let’s see in detail how CBD can help pets as well.

Pain Relief

In animals, a common reason for pain is inflammation in the joints. Additionally, the ECS in animal bodies also contributes to the pain sensations that our pets can feel. In both of these cases, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can help to relieve them. Reducing inflammation through CBD can also help treat the pain of osteoarthritis in animals.

Anxiety Relief

Just like in human bodies, CBD can reduce anxiety symptoms in pets. When pets get anxious, they can behave inappropriately or sometimes become dangerous to themselves or others. Using CBD, in this case, can trigger the ECS to calm the nerves in pets. According to some experts, CBD can help release happy hormones, such as serotonin.

Seizure Treatment

Because of CBD's effects on anxiety, the compound can help counter some of the products of seizures in animals. Although at the moment, there is not enough evidence to suggest CBD is good on its own. But, as a supplement to antiseizure medication, CBD can help calm the brain's nerve activity.

What CBD Products To Use On Your Pet

You should do as much research as possible before administering any CBD to your pet. For example, CBD pet tinctures prove to be most effective for animals. While the effects seem promising, consider taking precautions before using CBD on pets.

Premium Pathway’s CBD Pet Tincture is a CBD tincture you can use for your pets. The recommended dose for dogs is 1mg of CBD per kg of body weight. The dosage is applied twice a day to reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis. When you start to use this tincture, the initial dose should be ¼ to ½ of the recommended dose on the label.

Precautions And Dosage

CBD products on the market are generally targeted for humans. So, there is not much research to give proper guidance on the dosage of CBD that is good for your pet. Anecdotal evidence says it is safe for pet consumption. But before you administer any CBD to your pet, check out the Certificate of Analysis from our company.

Lastly, always contact your vet before giving your pet any CBD. If you administered any CBD without their knowledge, let them know as soon as you can.


The natural extract CBD from hemp can be a helpful supplement for managing symptoms for your pet. While you learn more about CBD pet tinctures or oils, remember to consult with your vet before trying them on your pet.

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